1. With 2 Billion monthly active users, you can be certain that your audience is on Facebook.

Within this large pool of people, you WILL find your ideal customers.

The average user spends just about 50 minutes per day engaging with their Facebook feed.

With good ad copy and a jaw-dropping image, you’ll be generating clicks from those who are already qualified, potential customers.


2. Double your impressions, not your ad spending.

Organic Facebook reach is dead. You will not reach your ideal market by simply posting content on your Facebook page.

But here’s the kicker:

For just a couple pennies per mailing piece, you’ll be able to put your ads in front of your target market both on Facebook AND Instagram.


3. Online Follow-Up can double your conversion rates.

Online Follow-Up is a special algorithm that will show your ads to people who have previously interacted with you online.

Being constantly present in a person’s online experience will turn them into a warm lead. In other words, they become more likely to become a customer.

There’s more:

How many times have you clicked on an ad only to get distracted by an outside factor and then completely forgotten about the ad you were interacting with?

Yeah, life happens.

Thankfully Online Follow-up will help your ad find its way back into your potential customer’s screen.


4. No need to learn complicated software.

Facebook ads do wonders. However, there’s definitely a learning curve to it.

No Need to Worry:

We’ll take care of all the technicalities; you’ll just have to worry about all those leads being generated for your business.

For a limited time, while this feature is still in beta, you can join DirectMail2.0’s Social Online for an unbelievable fraction of the price.

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