CLEARWATER, Fla.Oct. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After direct mail integration software company, DirectMail2.0, announced its first-ever event dedicated to printers and direct mail marketers, it quickly gained popularity across the entire United States and has reportedly sold out on available tickets.

Amongst one of the favorite topics that will be discussed during the event is the session by Carrie Bornitz, the Informed Delivery program manager for the United States Postal Service. The importance of this new product that has been just recently introduced to the industry is significant as it allows users to connect their mailbox to their email in a daily basis, making mail increasingly more relevant for users who have mostly made the switch to online communications.

Other popular topics will include Bridging the Gap Between Direct Mail and Digital, Reverse IP Matching, Direct Mail and Augmented Reality, Social Media Marketing Integration with Mailing Lists, List Data Technology, etc.

“Direct Mail is a marketing method that is proven to work. It works today and it will work tomorrow,” said Brad Kugler, CEO of DirectMail2.0. “However, it is crucial that we understand where the industry is moving, and that we listen to the audience and their demands. What the audience wants today is digital interactivity and interaction. It has been amazing to see the interest that our industry has towards integrating to today’s marketing advancements. Together we will keep this industry alive and thriving.”

This event has attracted visitors from multiple of states across the country. The attendees are eager to learn how to easily adapt new marketing trends to their company in order to attract new customers and increase their profits.

The all-inclusive event Market-Edge 2017 offers the first unique approach dedicated to digital and traditional marketing integrations, which caused the tickets sell-out quickly.

Given the popularity of the event, Market-Edge 2017 has decided to offer exclusive tickets to companies who wish to attend.

The event will begin this October 25th with a networking cocktail party. During the following days, presentations will focus on data-driven insight on how to effectively integrate print with the digital world while increasing profits and keeping mail relevant.

To learn more about the event and apply for exclusive tickets visit

About DirectMail2.0:

DirectMail2.0 is a marketing company that gives printers and mail houses the ability to provide fully integrated campaigns to their small business clients. By adding mail tracking, call tracking and online follow-up ads to traditional direct mail campaigns, DirectMail2.0 provides the seamless, multi-channel, completely trackable marketing today’s business owners demand. Since beta testing began in 2012, DirectMail2.0 has run thousands of successful campaigns across more than 300 industries, and is now available as a white label product. Visit for more information.

Iris Shalev