I recently attended the 2nd annual El Toro Round-Up at their corporate headquarters in the Bourbon capital of the world. (Louisville,  Kentucky)

Their offices are really something right out of Silicon Valley with a large open/loft-like environment.  (See pictures below!) I personally am a huge fan of the open concept office. I think it is a great atmosphere to create a fantastic corporate culture and foment team-work and collaboration.

Where of course the conference was all about the technology the treats were superb as well.   If you are an NCAA basketball fan then this was one of the highlights for sure: watching a Louisville Cardinals basketball game from a corporate suite with all the trimmings and of course the local bourbon.

El Toro’s direct targeting of people without using cookie technology can no longer be ignored.  DirectMail2.0 will be integrating their technology and offering it through our platform to our partners in early 2018.   We make sure we will never fall behind in terms of the latest marketing and digital technology and promise to keep our partners relevant in this ever-changing industry.

What products would you like to see integrated into our platform? Let us know by emailing our Marketing Coordinator Iris Shalev by emailing iriss@dm20.com


Brad Kugler